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  1. Competence – field-oriented hard skills, soft skills, professional strength, honesty, commitment and responsibility.
  2. Quality – come rain or shineKeyboarder delivers highly effective result.
  3. Transparency – every partaker has clear idea of all occurrences.
  4. Trust – Keyboarder develops trust-based relations with no exclusions.
  5. Respect – we believe that level of respect has nothing to do with the chair. We honour everyone equally.

Our mission is:

As a software solution provider Keyboarder hands over high-quality services. We build trust and respect through high performance and results expected by our customers and partners. We work with professionals which understand the sense of transparency value. Treat our clients as long-term partners.

Company vision:

We make software development process transparent and intelligible for every customer. Delivery of appropriate software development service that meets all client’s requirements followed by building prominent sense of trust surrounded by attention and care.


The story of Keyboarder started in 2013 with the development of simple web and mobile solutions. From the very first day Keyboarder team was focused on delivering high-quality and creating super service. Keyboarder has successfully improved both delivery and product ownership bringing deeper satisfaction to customers.

Today Keyboarder has representative office in Australia and development facilities in Europe and USA. Keyboarder consists of best-matched teams of proficient developers, qualified business analysts, designers and QA engineers who deliver complex IT solutions. Since 2013 the Company has grown not only in manpower but also in expertise: added gamification, business process automation, automated testing, business analytics competencies.

A year of 2015 became momentous for Keyboarder due to new challenging projects in Oil&Gas and Digital industries. Keyboarder is flexible in introducing new approaches to cooperation and capable to meet the most sophisticated demands of customers providing outsourcing or full-cycle development models. Yet full-cycle development is preferable as it provides an opportunity to manage all stages of development and ensure high quality of delivery as well as perform good product ownership practices.